Do You Want to Drift Closer or Farther Away From the Digital Motherlode in the Modern Day Gold Rush? An interesting analogy with a raft of Habits and a Raging River of E-Commerce. Your Digital Motherlode might be closer than you think. 

How to Ride the Crest of Information Overload in the Digital Economy  How Motherlode Marketing can control and manage this tremendous information overload. Must ride the crest with no critical details missing or flounder with excuses.

Network Marketing Home Business Revolution in the Digital Economy 
No family should feel disenfranchised from the greatest Transfer of Wealth in history  as the world moves offline to online. 

Announcement: New Home Business Resource called Motherlode Marketing for the Modern Day Internet Gold Rush  

 It is an all-purpose Big Picture overview of the Digital Economy, critical thinking and the time-proven building blocks of network marketing home-based business.  

Ancient Wisdom Finds Right Tool in Modern Day Gold Rush in Digital Economy.

Compare the Internet to a Sick Lion and a Smart Fox checks out the situation. 

There are no physical obstacles to stop me...only old habits and lack of new information. I choose not to limit my awareness because true poverty is never reaching my potential.

You get told that the world is the way it is, but life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact; and that is that everything around you that you call life was made up by people no smarter than you. Once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again." —Steve​ Jobs

Who Can Benefit with Motherlode Marketing in the Network Marketing Home Business? There are at least two main groups who could increase profits including the fair and democratic  "common folk."

So What Happens After Motherlode Marketing?

You no longer have to chase people to buy or join anything via a long “funnel” process. They either get energized or they will pass.

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The Long Journey of Professional Network Marketer Who Finds Motherlode Marketing - Part One  My dream never wavered that there was a place for average  people with above average dreams and a little capital and sweat equity to achieve a better lifestyle.   

A Long Journey Home From Internet Marketing to Motherlode Marketing - Part 2  

Involvement in Sociual Media Circus, I knew I did not want to devote my energy to compete as a top gun in Internet Marketing - Do you? 

Annemarie Berukoff

Is Residual Income Knocking on your Door in the Digital Economy But Still No Answers  Take a reality check - What would a few hundred dollars extra as residual income do for you?    

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How Motherlode Marketing Solves Two Biggest Problems in Network Marketing Home Business  Self-Dialogue and how to persuade others on the same wavelength and common vocabulary.

My Terrible Year. New Motherlode Marketing Resource for Home Business. Many Blessings and Potential. A look at a Cancer diagnosis and review of the network marketing home business

The Modern Day Gold Rush on the Internet Has No Recession and No Unemployment Wolf.

How can the 3 Little Pigs story explain 3 Plans in the Internet Economy with a moral?

Long Journey Finds Home with Fair and Democratic Home Business with Motherlode Marketing - Part 3 

New Digital Economy can open up prosperity with the Greatest Wealth Transition in history. Right time/ place.

Who Will Get Rich in the Modern Age Gold Rush in the Digital Economy - Boom or Bust 

Check out 4 main reasons why the Digital Age has itrs own Modern Day Gold Rush with brief history of finding gold in physical landscape

How Magnetic Marketing is Direct Opposite of Motherlode Marketing Which is Perfect for Home Business  It offers the same business building principles  - Focus, Action, Discipline - that everyone can do with or without technical skills.