Are you trying to get more of your ideal customers by pounding cannon shots into a virtual foggy mist where you don't share even three words?  But you hope eventually some survivor will raise a hand of surrender and sign up. 

This has been compared to how Neanderthals might recruit. No respect.

Or you could try some other frequency where you view the Big Picture of Changes and Choices in the new Digital Economy, discuss and motivate people's vision, energies and hopes?

This generic, all-purpose home business resource is designed to help you and your prospects, team members, and customers to build, focus, manage and create a
skill-setand organization that really believes in a better future every day in thought and behavior.

 This is e-book will facilitate valuable discussions about your future which makes it the most valuable part. You can use this alone and also with family, friends, team members to enhance insights about the new Digital World, racing ahead with or without us. In your hands this book can launch 1,000 personal discussions that rise and flow beyond the words contained here!

Isn't it worthwhile to address this Major challenge with authentic engagement and respectful persuasion:

Why in Age of Abundance with so much Income Mobility,

that so much Income Disparity exists?  

How would you answer these questions?

What is the most exciting news for every person because of the rise of the 5
Why are traditional businesses giving way to consumers like me and 7

Why many changes will happen outside of the "halls of power" 8
Why you are not what you 14
When can knowledge become 10

What common denominator stays the same even in changing 8
Where is the biggest part of your success or lack of success 11
 What is the hardest thinking skill of all and best solution 8
 What are 2 or more advantages of a critical thinking 13
What may prevent you from moving ahead into new fields...page12

Why are New Ideas so hard to tune 11 
How to eliminate the most difficult thing you have to do in any 19
What is the most frustrating, under-achieving problem in 17  
What is a plan that can "disrupt" the MLM 22
Why can someone refuse a company site but unwisely refute future social 28
What is the key to network marketing success before presentation of 21
What are the 3 hardest obstacles in network 21
What is one of the major difficulties in business and the best  15 
WHAT IF, there is one action that can radically motivate critical thinking and change

your business 19
What business model allows you to say less in order to let the experts say more on your 21
Why Quick Money on the Internet tarnishes legitimate MLM companies and public perception

even 24

What is an example of an internet marketing tactic that can work (out of 5) 28

Why can duplication be a dangerous  27

What will future online stores all 29
What is one feature (out of 7) a successful networker has but not found with an average networker  (10 stars) 20

You will find these answers and more in Motherlode Marketing.

Yes, it briefly explains the digital landscape and forces.

It invokes the WHY everyone should participate.  

It shows WHERE the Motherlode is located.

Review the nature of persuasive communication.    

Most importantly it shows the HOW ... the first 3 steps.  

As a last step, consider joining a recommended 

network marketing company with the same goals and vision.

It is imperative that we, as People Power,  believe in these

core  values and get the basics BEFORE we launch an online

network marketing business. Imperative!
The time has come to start a transformation where People Power can harness Internet Profits without technical skills with a simple all-inclusive, all-purpose mindmap.
If we have the right mindmap, the right industry and the right trends, there is no reason to settle for less, to live with fear, insecurity and regrets in survival mode for the rest of our lives.

Watch this contrary video if you are tired of struggling with self-branding, intensive competition,  to make money online.

 See a clear, no-return vision for a social revolution in the network marketing home business based on principles of integrity and real marketing solutions.

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- how would you answer 3 questions?

Annemarie Berukoff